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Guiding Principles

Immaculata Regional High School is a Catholic High School, established by the Catholic Public School Society of Nelson Diocese under the direction of the Kelowna Catholic Public School Council. Immaculata presents itself in service to the students and families in our Catholic community.

We are a community of teachers, support staff, clergy, parents and students engaged in the common task of empowering each student to learn how to do all that he/she is capable of doing. This development of strong capable young people, with clear perceptions of their personal capabilities and high self esteem should not be left to chance. The school's role in the midst of our ever changing society is to give students good judgement and decision-making skills to enable them to cope with many new challenges.  Students must leave school with a well-developed spiritual life, a high degree of self-awareness, empathy for social justice and third world ministry, and the ability to help their friends at a time of crisis.

The ultimate goal of Immaculata Regional High School is to develop in its graduates a value orientation that puts high priority on formation of leaders in service to others. Specific objectives to develop such a graduate may best be summarized in five main categories:

Openness To Growth

Maturity as a person: emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually - to a level that reflects some intentional, conscious responsibility for one's own growth.

Intellectual Competence

Demonstration of mastery of those academic requirements for advanced focus of education.


The acquisition of the basic knowledge and understanding of the major doctrines and practices of the Catholic faith - to have examined one's feelings and beliefs with a view to choosing a fundamental orientation toward God and to establish a relationship with a religious tradition and/or community.

Loving, Sharing & Caring

Being in the last of their formative periods, our graduates should be well on the way to establishing their own identity. They should be on the threshold of moving beyond self-interest to loving, caring for and sharing with others.

Commitment To Social Justice

At the end of this educational experience, our graduates should have achieved considerable knowledge of the needs of local and world communities and should be prepared to take their places in the world community as competent, concerned and responsible members. Immaculata Regional High School works to be identified as a safe place - a place where student learning takes place amid caring and sharing people.

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Built in 1995, Immaculata has a capacity to educate 350 students each year. Our building and grounds include:

  • 8 acres of field housing a rugby/soccer pitch and a softball field.
  • 2 fenced tennis courts and 2 outdoor basketball courts which are available for student and family use.
  • All classrooms supported with SMART Board technology.  All classrooms are equipped with FM sound amplification.
  • A Chapel which provides a quiet refuge for hectic days.
  • A gymnasium complete with up to  date equipment and a well-equipped weight room. Our gymnasium has been host to over 11 provincial championships as well as the annual hosting of 2 Basketball Tournaments – The Mustang Classic for Senior Basketball and The Sweet Sixteen for Junior Girls.
  • A mobile laptop lab with 40+ laptops.
  • In addition to the numerous volumes of fiction, non-fiction and reference materials, the library has 6 laptops for on-line research.
  • 2 science labs which are equipped with apparatus that supports a hands-on approach to science education.
  • An art studio complete with a kiln and printing press providing challenging opportunities for the one, two and three-dimensional artist.
  • A music room which hosts our ever growing band and choral programs.


We are an educational community pursuing excellence and developing the whole person while striving to see and bring forth Christ in others.
Mission Statement


In 1860, Father Pandosy, an Oblate Missionary, moved to the Mission Creek area, took out a preemption on a small tract of land and by 1885 Okanagan Mission comprised some two thousand acres. By 1884, besides residences, the settlement included a large mission church and the first school in the southern interior. Father Pandosy must thus be credited with planting the first "seed" of Catholic education in the Central Okanagan.

In 1938, the Sisters of Charity began formal instruction. By September 1950, St. Joseph Elementary School officially opened for instruction of grades K-7 inclusive. With the completion of Immaculata High School in 1960 a complete Catholic education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 was realized. The Sisters of Charity of Halifax ably assisted the first principal.


In 1979, the Basilian Fathers first became involved in our schools. Immaculata was officially under the direction of the Basilian Fathers until 1992. Plans for a new facility were begun in earnest.

In September 1995, through the perseverance of Bishop Peter Mallon a new Immaculata Regional High School was opened. The new facility can house 300 students, with plans to expand to 600 students when needed.