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At Immaculata, we have a dedicated, on-site Homestay Coordinator who works with school and community families to host our students. We choose English-speaking families who are committed to caring for our students as they would care for their own children.

The main role of the host family is to provide a safe, welcoming environment within which the student feels at home, supported, and encouraged to participate in family life, learn the Canadian lifestyle and acquire language skills. Homestay families provide a separate bedroom, meals and snacks for the students as well as transportation to and from school. The ride can either by car or with a provided bus pass (within a 40 minute ride from the school).  In exchange, the family is reimbursed $1100 / month per student. For more information, please see the Application Package.

Ms. Myriam Mendez 
Homestay & Marketing Coordinator
250-899-7039  ac.dnsic@mh.shri


Application Package