Student Activities

Drama Club

We have an extracurricular drama club for students not able to fit fine arts into their class schedules, and have performed at various venues throughout our city.

Student Council

The Immaculata Regional High School Student Council is a student elected and run service organization with the following goals:

  • To promote harmonious relations between teachers and students
  • To provide opportunities for leadership
  • To schedule and conduct school activities
  • To promote and develop good school citizens

Student Council consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer , Athletics and Arts Council Representatives, International Student Ambassadors and representatives from each grade.

Yearbook Club

Each year the Yearbrook Club creates a wonderful book of memories.  The yearbook is full of pictures of all aspects of student life at Immaculata.  These are available for purchase each year.

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Code of Student Behaviour

Discipline in a Catholic High School must be centered in the Gospel Message of Love. As Disciples of Jesus, we strive to live by His commandment to love one another as God loves us. In practice, love is shown by RESPECT. At Immaculata, we live by a positive code of respect for ourselves and our education, others and their education and learning environment, all property and Immaculata itself, its image and name.