Immaculata coaches and student-athletes are gracious competitors who recognize that sport is an extension of our academics and an opportunity to share in friendship and challenge that would not be attainable without a team.

We offer programs that are competitive and successful, while at the same time dignified, and ever positive. We have very high participation ratios, giving a large number of students an opportunity to participate in sports. This provides our student-athletes with cross-training opportunities in competitive environments, which pushes them to develop athleticism.

Program offerings vary from year-to-year based on the needs of our current student body. Traditional programs include basketball teams at the grade 8, junior (gr. 9-10), and senior (gr. 11-12) level, golf teams at the junior and senior level, soccer teams which represent all grades, a tennis team which is co-ed and represents all grades, an ultimate Frisbee team which is co-ed and represents all grades, and volleyball teams at the grade 8, junior, and senior level.

Paul Freire,
Athletic Director
Immaculata Regional High School
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Sports Academy

The Athletics Department offers Mustangs Sports Academy in basketball, volleyball, and soccer to provide advanced training.

The objective of the Academy is to build stronger, more competitive athletes through discipline, skill development, and training.