Fine Arts

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Programs at Immaculata provides the foundation for students to express themselves confidently through a rich variety of art media and techniques. Students are challenged to think creatively, encouraged to take risks, and instructed in skill development so they are prepared to express themselves visually. Artistic vocabulary, critical thinking skills and art history are integrated with the exploration of drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery, airbrush, mosaic and mural art. Students take part in an annual gallery show, field trips and experience guest artists.

The Mustangs Theatre Company

Offers drama classes in grades 8, 9, and 10 with a focus on the academics of theatre while still using performance as a tool to teach. Our Theatre and Performing Arts 11/12 program operates as a viable theatre company, dealing with all the aspects of theatre (business, technical, performance) through a single semester, culminating in a final series of performances.

We have an extracurricular drama club for students not able to fit fine arts into their class schedules, and have performed at various venues throughout our city.