Mustang Life At “IMMAC”

Being a student at Immaculata means being part of a big family. With just over 250 students, there are opportunities for all students to take an active role in the family – whether through social justice initiatives, sports, student council or the arts. Students are encouraged to get involved to broaden their experience at Immaculata and build strong collaboration and communication skills.

We build our student experience on the gospel message of LOVE, which is shown, in practice, by RESPECT. At Immaculata, we live by a positive code of respect for ourselves and our education, others and their education and learning environment, all property and Immaculata itself, its image and name.

Student Activities

Drama Club and Improv Club
We have an extracurricular drama club and an improv club for students not able to fit fine arts into their class schedules or just want to participate more. The clubs have participated in events around the community, as well as competitions.

Student Council

  • The Immaculata Regional High School Student Council is a student elected and run service organization with the following goals:

  • To promote harmonious relations between teachers and students

  • To provide opportunities for leadership

  • To schedule and conduct school activities

  • To promote and develop good school citizens

Yearbook Club
Each year the Yearbrook Club creates a wonderful book of memories.  The yearbook is full of pictures of all aspects of student life at Immaculata.  These are available for purchase each year.

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